Mustard Seed is used in pickling spices for vegetables and meats. Dry Mustard is used in egg and cheese dishes, salad dressings, and meats. Mustard is used in French, German, Scandinavian, and Irish cuisines.










Mustard can be considered one of our most ancient spices. Its medicinal properties were written about 5 centuries before Christ and it is believed to have been used in Africa and China centuries before that. It was immortalized in the Bible when Jesus spoke of the power of faith "even if it were no larger than a Mustard Seed". Today, Americans have become by far the largest consumers of Mustard Seed


Most Mustard Seed is imported into the United States from Canada. The non-volatile components of Brassica hirta are responsible for its flavor which is sharp but lacks pungency. Brassica juncea, however, possess a volatile oil which gives the seed its hot, pungent and biting flavor.




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Leslie's Must Have Mustard is tastefully delicious! It is an old family recipe. It is sweet and hot at the same time. It can be used for pretzel dipping sauce. It's great on chicken, fish, and a variety of meats. Some of my loyal customers say they use it on just about everything! Many say it is addicting, the taste is so good, and you could just eat it with a spoon!